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Hi there, Bonjour,

My name is Lara Hossam Hassan and I'm delighted you came across my profile.

Learning something new is a unique journey for each one of us, whether you're learning to code for the first time, learning to make a design, or even learning a new language. It's exciting to start something new! And you can never run out of things to discover.

I discovered my passion for teaching when I was in sixth grade, I participated in national and international competitions trying to simplify complex concepts, and help people visualize long stories.

This is why I decided to teach everything I excel in, in a simple and quick manner, to give you the push you need to start self-learning.

I am a certified French speaker and teacher with a C2 certificate. I tend to share my knowledge and passion with people who are eager to learn and discover new cultures.

I am also a software engineer and I am an aspiring UX/UI designer, and I am planning on expanding my content to help you explore the world of design and software thoroughly.

I am here for you! If you ever find anything unclear, don't hesitate to contact me here or on my social media accounts, let's make this journey enlightening and fun.

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