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Gilbert Ziade

Gilbert is a developer/instructor/student who takes great pleasure in teaching, learning new subjects/skills and shares it with his students. He has knowledge in many programing and web-development subject (C++, JavaScript, HTML...) and also is passionate to create courses that inspire and motivate people of all levels and teach them all the details about any subject he is offering.

Gilbert frequently searches for ways to make learning enjoyable and believes in a practical, fun and agreeable education with entertaining, catchy and hand-on experience courses on whether simple or complex subject.

What students have said about Gilbert:

"Gilbert is a great tutor and I would recommend him to not only students who are taking C++ in school but also for people who are learning coding on their own. He is very patient — which anyone that takes a coding lesson needs – and always eager about the subject, which is also a huge plus. I recommend him highly."

"Gilbert is an excellent teacher he is very knowledgeable, patient and always listen to inquiries. He helped in understanding hardware very well."

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