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Amr Zaher

Mr. Amr Zaher got his BA in Commerce with specialization in Accounting from Modern Academy ,Egypt. He further proceeded to obtain his MBA in Human Resources from the University of Ain Shams, Egypt.

Mr. Amr Zaher is a Certified Assessor from The British Psychological Society,UK . His career has developed through about 15 years in the HR field especially in training, his latest activities in projects related to talent management, performance management, and psychometric analysis.

Mr. Zaher has conducted several trainings for Ministries in Egypt such as Ministry of Education ,Trade & Industry and Finance and others in the fields of Soft Skills (Creative thinking , Communication Skills , Team Building,……, Etc).

Mr. Zaher Conducted Psychometric tests for 1000 employees in the Ministry of Agriculture ( KSA ), and used the scores to set up their competencies frame , and build their training program upon the gaps between the targeted competencies and the actual results.

Mr. Zaher is a Lecturer for MBA program, Delivering Organizational behavior and Human resources topics.

عمرو زاهر

مدرب ومحاضر مهارات التواصل ومدير ومطور لبرامج التدريب بكبرى الشركات بجمهورية مصر العربية , أسعى لتحويل المواد التدريبية والعلوم الإدارية لمواد ممتعة يسهل تحصيلها من خلال اتباع طريقة معينة لتبسيطها لتكون معلومات سهلة يستطيع المتدرب من خلال فهمها أن يقوم بتحويلها لواقع عملي في مجاله.

أقوم بالعمل في مجال الموارد البشرية وتدريب وتطوير الموظفين منذ أكثر من خمسة عشر عاما وقدمت العديد من الدورات التدريبية في العديد من الشركات الكبرى بمصر والبلاد العربية.

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