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To Add a New Course, Follow these Steps

  • Open your dashboard for here. Try Now

Open Dashboard
  • Press “Add Course” Button

press add course

In the “General” panel you need to add:

    • Course Title

    • Course Description

    • Course Categories, you can add more than one category

    • Course Tags, you can add more that one tag

    • Featured Image, this is the course thumbnail

03- new course
  • Then Save As Draft. Now you can see you course in the course list.

  • To Continue editing, press “Edit” button.

04-edit course
  • Now, you can go to “Curriculum” panel. Course would be divided into sections, type section name and then press “ADD SECTION”

05- add section
  • Now you can add items to this section

06- add item
  • Now, you can add:

    • Lesson

    • Quiz

    • Assignment

    • H5P Item

07- add item 2
  • If you added a lesson, you can add lesson content:

    • Text

    • Files

    • Videos

    • Media

  • You can enter the lesson Duration

  • You can allow preview for non-students  

08- first lesson
09- edit first lesson
  • After you finish adding your content, you would set your course settings for “Settings” panel, there many options :

    • General

    • Price

    • Extra Information

    • Assessment

    • Downloadable Materials

    • Certificates 

    • Announcements

    • Collections

    • Coming Soon

    • Content Drip

  • After you finish all settings, you would send the course for review from the admin.

  • If it is Accepted, it would be published directly 

11- submit for review

Congratulations, you have Polished your Course

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